Tuesday, 3 September 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 3

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Day 3 - Your Top 5 Pet Peeves

This post took me a little longer to think of as I have so many pet peeves, trying to get it down to just 5 was a nightmare!! Just kidding, it really is hard for me to think of things that irritate me until they actually irritate me.

1. People who don't indicate.

I am currently a learner so I have been in the driver's seat but when other drivers see learners around, they tend to be more careful. But when I'm with my Dad in the car, it's a completely different story. When turning left, you indicate left. It's simple! Don't just assume that everyone around you can read your mind.

2. Using your mobile phone in the car.

Another driving one, if it's really that important, park the car in a sensible place and phone the person, don't phone while driving or, worse still, text! I have seen someone texting with both hands while steering with his knees. 

3. Not saying please or thank you.

Surely it's just common courtesy and what you should be taught when you are younger, 

4. English grammar and spelling.

There, their and they're. Where and wear. Can't nor carnt!!
Where were these people in English class from reception to year 11?

5. Pet names

Using pet names for a partner, fine but when it comes to people you have just met, please don't use "hun", "babe", "darling" or anything similar.

Tomorrows post should be a slightly more cheerful one!


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