Monday, 2 September 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 2

Read Day 1 here!!

Day 2 - Where you'd like to be in 10 years

Being realistic, I will have to split this into 3 parts:

As I mentioned in my first ever blog post [link] I will be studying Actuarial Science and Maths at University with the view to becoming an Actuary. A lot of people ask me what an Actuary is so this is a quote from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries...

"Actuaries are experts in risk management. They use their mathematical skills to help measure the probability and risk of future events. This information is useful to many industries, including healthcare, pensions, insurance, banking and investments, where a single decision can have a major financial impact."

It all sounds very boring but, actually there is no but. It is a typical, quite boring office job, usually within an insurance company. And it may not sound very interesting or appealing to a lot of people but it does appeal to me, I have a logical, mathematical mind and it sounds challenging.

Now back to where I would like to be in 10 years... I am hoping to be a fully qualified Actuary. 


In 10 years time I will be 28 and by this time I like to imagine myself with a family; a husband, 2 or more children, a dog, a rabbit (or two!!) and guinea pigs. I'm hoping that we live in a big house in the London suburbs, close enough to the city but far away enough that we nearly live in the country, if not in the London suburbs, definitely the south east.


As I have just left Sixth Form, I think it would be lovely that if in 10 years time we all got back together again for a reunion, I am hoping to keep in touch with my closest friends but in 10 years a lot can happen and unfortunately there will be people that I only keep in touch with through Facebook so it would be great to see how much everyone has changed in 10 years!


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