Sunday, 21 July 2013

Corfu 2013

On the 8th of July I went on holiday to Corfu with 3 of my friends for a week. It was my first time abroad (and on a plane!!) so I was a little bit anxious but when we were flying I knew I was fine. These are a few of the holiday essentials and clothes I bought before I went away, also I have included a few of the pictures I managed to take towards the end of the holiday.

First essential of any holiday (where there will be sun!!) is sun cream. I used Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze factor 30 although if you have fair skin you should use factor 50+. Unfortunately I can't say whether or not the bronzing formula works because I got a natural tan but I would love to hear from any of you who have used this range to hear whether or not it worked!!

Another product I use, even in England, is after sun, again I use Nivea's [link] as I find the spray is easy to use and gives a even coverage. I also used this as my moisturiser for the week. It's great for burns as the aloe vera soothes and after a few days you get a lovely tan.

The 99p store did have an offer of 2 Pantene Pro-V shampoo for 99p so I took one with me and it was more than enough to last the week. If you've read my June favourites post then you will see I use the heat protection spray which is also a part of the range. It smells amazing and is a perfect size for a holiday.

Make sure, if you are going abroad on holiday that you have an adapter for all of your chargers and straighteners etc. This one from Superdrug is great because it has two UK sockets so you can use more than one electrical item at a time.

These bottles from Primark were great! There are two bottles which hold 100ml and one which holds slightly less (it doesn't say exactly how much on this one but is smaller than the two 100ml bottles), a little pot and a funnel for pouring liquids into the bottle without spilling anything. These are perfect for taking in your hand luggage because the bag is resealable.

This vest top from Primark (£4) was the comfiest top I took with me, it was great with shorts for going out and also with a bikini as a cover up. 

What are your holiday essentials and if any of you have been to Sidari in Corfu (where I went) what was your favourite bar?